What’s required of a Volunteer?

Serving as a Kairos volunteer is not something one should consider lightly. To effectively minister to those inside the prison walls, the team must enter as one body, submitting to the Authority of Jesus Christ and the Kairos method.

To become one body, there is spiritual training that must be completed by each member of the team. This serves to not only understand our roles on the team, but to come together as one spiritual family. Kairos requires each member to spend 34-36 hours together in team building meetings. These meetings are planned by each local chapter in preparation for the weekend. Historically at Kairos of AOCI, those meetings have taken place on the 4 Saturdays prior to the Kairos weekend, however they may be changed in any form so that the total numbers are met.

The local chapter’s advisory council will elect leaders for the weekend. These leaders must receive advanced training to prepare them to lead the Kairos weekend. The leader is responsible for assembling the team and for assigning jobs to each member of the team. Each job is vital to the success of the weekend, but the leader will chose veterans for the roles of leadership positions (Advising leader (former leader in advisory role), Observing leader (member assigned by council to serve as leader for next weekend), Inside coordinator, Head Servant, Chapel Coordinator, Agape Coordinator, and Head Clergy.) These leadership positions work to oversee specific areas of the ministry and are vital to the success of the team.

There are many places to serve as a new or inexperienced volunteer on the team, so don’t let these “leadership roles” intimidate you. The only requirement to serve is the ability to submit and be obedient to His Spirit. We serve as His tools on the team, and He leads and guides us in His work. Such roles as Table Servant or Assistant Table Leader are perfect for inexperienced volunteers. Being a part of the table family in these roles are experiences you will treasure the rest of your life, and also a front seat to the miracles that will happen over that weekend. God never fails to deliver.

Once someone answers the call to serve on a Kairos weekend, he will be tasked with collecting money, cookies, and “Agape” for the weekend. A typical weekend can cost $7000+ to run and each local chapter is required to solicit funds for it. A typical team of 35 – 40 volunteers would need to solicit approximately $200 each for the weekend. Cookies is a big part of the weekend, as we have them available over the course of the weekend for the participants selected. But we also provide every person in the prison with a dozen or two of their own, staff and residents alike. That takes a lot of cookies, around 4000 dozen cookies. We find that every church and/or family have members that like to bake cookies and are more than happy to help when asked. We have churches who put on “cookie-baking parties” as well. We are often surprised at the response when the word gets out that cookies are needed. One of the most cherished gifts the Kairos weekend participants receive is a hand written from each volunteer on the weekend. Each volunteer writes 30-42 letters, depending on the size of the weekend.

These requirements can appear a bit overwhelming, and they do require some discipline and perseverance to complete, but they all serve to break down any obstacles to grace a participant may have. You can literally see walls being torn down over the course of the weekend. It truly is miraculous how God works.

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