There are many ways that you can volunteer to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the incarcerated, but the closer you get to the hands on part of the ministry, the more blessings you’ll receive.  Being an Inside Volunteer is an awesome experience.  But it does require a certain […]

What Kind of Commitment is Involved with being an Inside ...

As those involved in Christian Ministry know, when God calls us to do something and we are obedient to His call, there is usually great reward in that.  May it be new relationships that are formed, a sense of community with each other, or connections made to further our passions, […]

The Cost of Being a Volunteer

What do I get out of it? My heart is filled with indescribable joy to connect with tough yet vulnerable brothers and see God transform hearts and lives before my very eyes. Amazing. I leave church for a weekend and experience heaven on earth in prison. -Outside Brothers

See God Transforms Hearts

There is no greater joy than to hear the testimonies of these men when they are touched by the miracle of God’s love and forgiveness — some on whom have had no visitors or mail for many years. -Outside Brother

No Greater Joy

Men gave their lives to Christ, others re-energized their faith, others gained a deeper understanding of Christ’s love. God changed men’s lives this weekend… participants and team members. The weekend was blessed beyond belief. We expected miracles and we witnessed our God in action. -Outside Brother

Blessed Beyond Belief

Kairos gave me a reason to live. I believe that, had I not come to know God’s love, I probably would not be here today. How else could a person with two life sentences survive the horrors of prison life? All things are possible with God. Without Him, many of […]

Reason to Live

Kairos changed my life…I was depressed, alone, ashamed of what I did, and God came to me through the men volunteers of Kairos and they helped lead me to the saving knowledge of Christ and the peace and joy that brings. -Inside Brother

Life Changing

Up until the day I went to Kairos, I was really lost; lost in sin, though, and the way I was! Every other word out was a cuss word, or of impure thoughts or actions. I cared nothing about anybody’s feelings or my own. I attended Kairos. I opened my […]

I Once was Lost…